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Membership fee

The membership fee for regular and part-time students of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the University of Ljubljana is included in the registration fee for the current academic year, while other users pay a membership fee according to the current price list. Anyone presenting a valid identity document, signing a declaration and willing to follow the Rules of Rent can become a library member, including a legal entity. Library entry is required every academic year. Delays, reminders and other library services are provided by the library according to the price list.


Library materials that are freely available can be used by all users within the library and without registration. Materials must be returned to their designated places after use.

As a rule, library materials that are not freely available can only be borrowed by library members upon the submission of a membership. Likewise, only library materials freely available for renting at home can be borrowed by library members.

A library member can borrow up to 10 items for home use, except postgraduate students for whom this restriction does not apply.

Library members can use materials from other libraries from Slovenia and abroad or subscribe to photocopy or electronic versions of magazine articles not accessible to the CEL. Interlibrary loan fees are paid by the user ordering the materials according to the current price list.

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