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1. How do I join the library?
2. For how long after my enrolment is my membership valid?
3. How do I log in to the computers in the library?
4. Which payment forms does the library accept?
5. If my loan materialis overdue, how long does it take before I get a notice in the mail?
6. How is the fee for overdue material calculated?
7. Where do I get a document confirming I have settled all obligations to the library?
8. Can I access material from other libraries?
1. Can I extend the book due date from home?
2. How can I reserve the book from home?
3. How are books located in the library?
4. How can I find the book in open access?
5. How many times can I extend the due date?
6. How do I borrow book from storage?
7. How long can I have the book at home?
8. How many books can I have borrowed at the same time?
9. Can I recommend a book to the library procurement department?
1. Where do I get username and password for web application My Library and remote access through DiKUL and Mrežnik?
2. How can I access databases from home?

3. Where and how can I access Bloomberg, Fitch, Capital IQ, Market Intelligence and Refinitiv Workspace?

For using specialized databases, you need:

· student status at SEB LU,
· active membership in Central Economics Library,
· digital identity of the University of Ljubljana,
· signed permit from your mentor.

You can access Fitch Connect from home. To create an account please send an e-mail to
For accessing Bloomberg and Refinitiv Workspace you need to use computers in the library. You have to make a reservation beforehand.
1. Where can I buy study material?

eTUTOR-CEL, ISSN: 2591-1090, Publisher: School of economics and business Ljubljana University Central Economics Library, 2017-, Editors: Urban Golob in Martina Petan

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