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Microeconomics 1: About the course

Course syllabus

1. Introduction
2. Theory of demand and supply
3. The theory of individual behaviour
4. Individual and market demand
5. Production
6. Costs
7. Perfect competition
8. The firm in the economic theory
9. Monopoly
10. Monopolistically competitive markets, oligopoly and cartel
11. Labor markets
12. Capital markets and land markets


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Learning outcomes

- Students are acquainted with basic economic problems and ways of solving them.
- The course gives students a
basic analytic and categorical apparatus needed for studying economic subjects.
- The course
provides the institutional framework and presents organizational and ownership forms of enterprises and the environment
in which businesses operate and are influenced by state regulation. 

Course directors

Tjaša Redek, PhD

T: (01) 5892-488

Polona Domadenik, PhD

T: (01) 5892-775


Matjaž Koman, PhD

T: (01) 5892-498

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