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Management : About the course

Course syllabus


1. Fundamentals of management
2. Planning function
3. Organizing function
4. Leading function
5. Controlling function
6. Case studies of organizations in practice
7. Role-modelling and trends recognition and trend-setting in contemporary management practice



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Course directors

Vlado Dimovski, Ph.D.

Full Professor

T: (01) 5892-558

Sandra Penger, Ph.D.

Full Professor

T: (01) 5892-569

Judita Peterlin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

T: (01) 5892-621

Student office and professional support

Vesna Smolnikar 

Specialist Adviser,

Student Affairs Office

T: (01) 5892-413

Martina Petan, B.A. in Library Science

 Head of the Central Economics Library (CEL)

T: (01) 5892-600

Urban Golob 

Digital content editor, CEL


T: (01) 5892-598

Matic Bradač, M.Geog.

Open Access and Serials, CEL

T: (01) 5892-593


Lidija Mancini Bolka, B.A.

Information sources specialist, CEL


T: (01) 5892-597

 Jana Logar, B.A. Phil.

Circulation department, CEL


T: (01) 5892-591

Mojca Ogrin, B.A.

Bibliographies editor,  European Union information sources specialist

T: (01) 5892-595



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